Feroz Shah Kotla

Feroz Shah Kotla (फ़िरोज़ शाह कोटला)

Feroz Shah Kotla was built by Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq to make a place for himself so that from their he could remain and rule out the city known as Ferozabad which he used to call his region of Delhi area. He had declared the city of Ferozabad as the capital of Delhi during his reign period which was from 1351-1388. He was the new Sultan of Delhi at that time.


The Feroz Shah Kotla was built in the year 1354 as Feroz Shah Tughlaq wanted his place from where he could rule out. There is a pillar inside the Feroz Shah Kotla which was made in the 3rd century BC which was associated with Maurayan ruler Ashoka. It was built in Ambala. But in 1356, Feroz Shah made orders to bring the pillar to Delhi so that he could make his fort different. But after his reign ended the following rulers dismantled the structures and they reused it in making their heritage sites.

Jama Masjid

There is a Jama Masjid inside the fort which is said to be one of the oldest and ancient monuments that existing and still people go to worship there. It has a prayer hall inside it, which made up of quartzite stone. It is a large open space which can be said as the Prayer Hall where maximum people can accumulate to do prayers. Since the tomb has got old, the mosque inside it has been ruined by the natural calamities that had occurred in the past.

Script on Stone

The Ashokan pillar that has been shifted to the Feroz Shah Kotla from Ambala, has many inscriptions written on it which was not understandable by anyone at that time of the installation of the pillar at that time. Later, it was analyzed by James Prinsep in the year 1837 and the meaning was derived out of it.

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