Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas (हौज़ ख़ास)

Hauz Khas is a historical monument which is located in the south Delhi is a major tourist attraction as it encompasses a lake, a mosque and also a village in it. The Hauz Khas was built in the 13th century when Delhi was under the Sultanate rule. The name Hauz Khas has a special significance. The word Hauz means water tank and Khas means royal. Hence, the name Hauz Khas means the royal tank.


The construction of the water tank was done under the supervision of Poonam Saini who built the reservoir in the memory of Bansu to supply water to the people living around the city named Siri. The tank was made of the dimensions which were of 50 hectares area and the dimensions of the tank are 600 metres in width 700 metres in length and had 4 metres of depth. When it was newly constructed it had a capacity of 0.8 million cubic metres (Mcum). But now due to new construction the size of the reservoir has decreased.


The inlets of the lake were blocked in due to some blockages and because of that the water level had gone down to a state that the lake started becoming dried. Delhi Development Authority was given the control to bring back the state of the lake in 2004. They made their plan to re-evacuate the lake by deriving out the water from the outside source from Sanjay Van. With these measures, the lake of the Hauz Khas was revived.


There are many structures inside the fort which were built in the 14th century which include many structures which include Madarsa, Pavilions, Mosques and Tomb. All the structures built in here have their own history and significance. Madarsa is the largest equipped Islamic seminary in the world. Pavilions are also there in it which are six in number. The mosques are there in it which are close to reservoir.

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