Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple (कमल मंदिर)

The Lotus Temple is located in the capital of India which is New Delhi. It is located in the south west part of the city. The architect of the design and construction was Fariborz Sahba and Flint and Neil were the structural engineers. It was opened for the public in the year 1986. The Lotus Temple is built in the shape of flower which is looks totally like the flower and is built in round shape. The diameter of the main temple structure is 70 meters. The height of the temple is 34.27 meters.


The design of the Lotus Temple is done in a way that it completely replicates the looks of Lotus. The central hall of the temple is at a height of 40 meters. The hall has a seating capacity of almost 2,500 people who can do the prayers simultaneously. The design and architecture of the Lotus Temple is so marvelous that it has got many architectural awards that were also featured into magazines and newspapers also. Due to its design, most tourists from India as well as from the foreign visit the place with full enthusiasm.


The interior view of the temple is made that the temple is open through some windows made on the walls and also on the top through which light enters directly into the main hall. The upper flower is also made in the shape of the flower because it is the main theme of the construction. There is a garden all around the temple which is so much wide and full of greenery. Inside it, it has 27 free-standing marble-clad petals arranged in clusters of three to form nine sides.

The tourist count at Lotus Temple is 100 million till date. This makes it the most visited buildings in the world. By the data we can say that Lotus Temple is the one of the finest religious and artistic place to visit in India.

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