Purana Qila

Purana Qila (पुराना किला)

Purana Qila is one of the historical monuments which were built by Humayun in 16th century. It is been expected that the fort was built in the year 1533. But the archeologists claim that the samples found after excavations were found to be 1000 BCE. The renovation of the fort was started in 1533 and was completed in the year 1540.

History of Purana Qila

The fort was built up by Humayun only but the founder of Suri dynasty Sher Shah Suri defeated in in 1540 and captured the fort and renamed it fort Shergarh.  He also added some more structures to the fort. He ruled there for a period of five years. There are various Qilas inside the fort which have their unique sculptures inside it. The manufacturing of the art is done in the way that it is under study.


The walls of the Fort are very high which rise up to the length of 18 metres. The gates of the Purana Qila are also very high. The towers inside the Purana Qila are made up of white and coloured marble inlays and blue tiles. The detailing of the internal structures and designs are done very beautifully.

Recreation Process

When Delhi was declared the capital of India, Edwin Lutyens designed the streets of new capital of India in the early 1920s in which he paved new ways from Rajpath to the to the Purana Qila. Hence, by these paths the Purana Qila got connected directly to the India Gate via the Rajpath.

Refugee Site

At the time of partition, when India got separated from the Pakistan many refugees were stayed at the Purana Qila and also at the Humayun Tomb. This site became refugee site till the time they have not shifted to the country they wanted to live.

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