Safdarjung's Tomb

Safdarjung Tomb (सफदरजंग का मकबरा)

Safdarjung’s Tomb is located in the central area of New Delhi which looks somewhat similar to Humayun’s Tomb.  It is located near the Safdarjung Airport on the Aurobindo Marg. It was built in the 18th century in the year 1754. It was built by the ruler Safdarjung in the Mughal style only. The monument is made by an extra-ordinary stones and is build with only red, white and brown colored themes. The dome of the tomb is so beautifully crafted and designed such that it glorifies the beauty of it.


The Safdarjung’s Tomb was built by Mirza Muqim Abul Mansur Khan who was named by the name Safdarjung. He was the ruler of Avadh and was solo ruler at that time. He was the head of the whole empire till the time. Safdarjung tomb was the last creation of the Mughal’s and it has beautiful garden which is their all around it. The garden depicts the greenery of the fort and the architecture.

The main tomb of the Safdarjung is built in a way that it is same all around the four sides. This marks the architectural way of doing the work in that time period when there was no any major technology was available. The designs that made on the pieces of marbles are made in a way that it displays a unique craft. There are inscriptions which are made on the stones.

There is a tomb in the centre which is made in the memory of Safdarjung. The tomb has four fountains on each of the four corners. But they are not working anymore. Only the one opposite to the main tomb is active now-a-day. A Hollywood movie Jobs was also shot inside the Safdarjung Tomb in the year 2013.

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