Tuqlakabad Fort

Tughlakabad Fort (तुगलकाबाद किला)

Tughlakabad Fort was built in the year 1321 by the well known leader of all time Ghiyas-Ud-Din Tughlaq who was the founder of Tuglaq dynasty. Tughlakabad Fort was made in the city which was made by the Tughlaq and it was the third historic city of Delhi. He had also built the Qutub-Badarpur road which connected the Tughlakabad city to the Grand Trunk Road. Now the road has been renamed Mehrauli-Badarpur Road.


Ghazi Malik was the feudatory of the Khaliji dynasty of Delhi. He had once said to his master that he would become bigger king when he would own their own building. By this, Ghazi Malik was very much impressed and he started the construction of his own Tughlaq dynasty. He himself gave the title of a king or the ruler. He stated building the tomb as if he had dreamt of it. He built the fort so as to keep the Monglos away but this did not happened.


The construction of the mausoleum was done in a way that it is made up of single domed square tomb which has the dimension of 8m x 8m. The sides of the mausoleum were made up of red sandstone which has inscriptions inscribed on it. There are three graves which is made inside the fort which is of Ghazi Tughlak, his wife and his son, and successor Muhammad bin Tughlaq.


The Tughlakabad Fort consists of attractive and bigger stones that cover all the ground plan of the city. There is an artificial lake which is beneath walk way to the fort. The height of the walls of the fort is very much high such that whole of the view of the nearby places can be seen from there. Also, the fort is located at the place which is nearby to the local residences.

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