Ridge (रिज)

Ridge is the open space which is located in the city of Shimla Himachal Pradesh. It is basically a street on which people like to accumulate and enjoy the scenic beauty of the nature. The location of the ridge is near to the Mall Road. It is the center point of the capital city of Himachal Pradesh which is connected to other famous places of the city like Snowdon, Mall, Jakhoo Hill, etc.


The ridge is connected to the Mall Road from the east and Scandal Point from the west. The street of the ridge road gets connected to Lakkar Bazaar, which is famous craft market for of wooden articles. The area of the hill station is easily recognizable as this area is flat and most of the people roam around here. Also the place usually gets the season’s best snowfall in the winter season and all of the area gets covered in the white snow everywhere.


There is a reservoir under the ridge from where the water is supplied to the whole area of the ridge. The capacity of the water tank is 1000000 gallons. Due to the larger area of the reservoir, it is used to serve the people of the city. The construction of the reservoir was done in the year 1880’s. It was built using lime mortar and no cement was used in the construction of the reservoir.


There are various government functions which are celebrated and many fairs are also held here in the place with all of the people gathering in the area and enjoying the celebration. These festivals are also held in the months of April or May which is best season to celebrate the get together. The festival is celebrated in a way which makes the whole of the city fully decorated with colors and lights all around.

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