India is a country where one can find many colors of the festivities celebration. Since there are many religions in India so because of it there are large varieties of festivals associated with it. The festivals in each and every religion have their own history and significance upon why they are celebrated. All the festivals have their own rituals and philosophies upon how they are celebrated. India’s Festivals are celebrated with much of excitement and happiness.

India is popular among foreigners also in a way that how people celebrate their festivals. And they have also joined in the league in knowing how the task is done. Some foreigners have also started celebrating the festivals in the foreign also. They make rallies demonstrating the culture and tradition followed here. This is only because they like the way to worship the creator of ours that is God.

India is a country where various religions of people are living. This is the reason behind so many festivals that exist in here. The festivals which are celebrated in India are: Deepawali, Holi, Rakshabandhan, Eid, Ramzan, Lohri, Guru Purab, Mahavir Jayanti, Christmas, Budh Purnima, Easter, Good Friday etc. Festivals are the major reason of collaboration of people who don’t get time from their hectic work schedule and through festivals connects one group to the other removing all doubts and barriers.

India’s festivals are world famous since all the festivals in India make people unite and come together making all the distances or barriers removed. The festivals make the feeling of oneness in the hearts of the citizens of India. The festivals in a way make every Indian brotherhood qualities alive and make the country India a better place to live in.

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