Bhadraj Temple Trek

Bhadraj Temple Trek (भद्रराज मंदिर ट्रेक)

Bhadraj Temple is located in the western region of the Uttarakhand and is in the Mussoorie city. The spot is an ideal spot and tourist destination in the land of Mussoorie. This is because the trek is not so much elevated that one can easily trek around to the mountains that are located in and around the vicinity of the temple.

Bhadraj Temple

The temple is located at a place which gives a traveler a full view of the trek which is located there. Bhadraj temple is dedicated to Lord Bal Bhadra, brother of Lord Krishna. Many tourists come to visit the temple as they consider that without visiting temple their journey remains incomplete. They offer many things in the form of worship such as milk and butter as it has become a tradition to devote these things to the idol.

Trek of Bhadraj Temple

Bhadraj temple trek is a trek which is 11 km full trek from Clouds End. The whole trek passes through number of villages and one of them is Dundhli village. From the Dhundhli village the trek is 8 km. The whole trek is covered with the Oak trees on both sides. Because of these trees, the trek becomes dense forest covered with trees all around.

Season to visit

The place is open 12 months in a year and the best time to visit out the Bhadraj temple trek is in the winter season because in that weather there are no any restrictions to roam around anywhere. It is seen that the people avoid traveling there in rainy season because rainfall disrupts roaming around to the trek. It takes almost a day to travel around the trek from the Mussoorie city. The best time to visit the trek is from sunrise to sunset.

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