Mussoorie Lake

Mussoorie Lake (मसूरी झील)

Mussoorie Lake is situated in the famous hill station of Mussoorie city, which is in Uttarakhand state. Uttarakhand is a north Indian state which is famous for the Himalayan range which is situated over there. Mussoorie is also known by the name queen of the hills. Mussoorie is situated nearby Dehradun which is another famous hill station among the tourists. The hill station Dehradun is in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan range. There is a town Landour which is said to be a part of greater Mussoorie.


The location of Mussoorie Lake is at an altitude of 1880 metres. It is surrounded by various mountain ranges namely Himalayan snow ranges, Doon Valley, and the Shiwalik ranges. The Mussoorie Lake is situated at a place which is also surrounded by hills all around. The peak Lal Tibba which is in Landour district is at a height of 2275 metres. The Mussoorie Lake is situated on the Mussoorie Dehradun road which is 6 km from Mussoorie.


Mussoorie is located at a height of about 2005 metres. The location of Mussoorie is in the typical subtropical highland climate. Due to the location of Mussoorie at a high altitude, the temperature of the place remains low. Hence due to the temperature, the place becomes the most attracted tourist destination. In winters, it rains heavily and snowfall also occurs in the month of December, January and even on February. But due to the reckless deforestation, construction and global warming the climate had occurred in the past and this is the reason due to less of snowfall in the winter season.

Construction of Lake

The lake was developed by the City Board and the Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority. There is also boating facility which is available to the people who are visiting out there. The boating can be done by paying a nominal fee. The lake is surrounded by many villages on every side of the lake.

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