Yamuna Bridge Trek

Yamuna Bridge Trek (यमुना ब्रिज ट्रेक)

Yamuna Bridge Trek is the track which is alongside the river Yamuna at Mussoorie in the state of Uttarakhand. It is located in the northern region of the state and along side of the river Yamuna such that the trekkers have all of the view along side of the river. The location of the Yamuna Bridge Trek is around 25 km from the main city of Mussoorie.

Outing spot

The Yamuna bridge trek is one of the favorite outings or the picnic spot of the people. One can go to the spot and just relax and roam around and admire the beauty of the nature which is so beautiful. It needs almost a day for the group of the people to go out and fully roam around the place. People are most attracted about the eternal beauty of the place.

Rafting and Fishing

One can go and enjoy out rafting in the river Yamuna. The place is famous for the rafting as the waves rise up and down at very high speeds which are ideal for the people who do rafting. Also along with rafting people also enjoy doing fishing at the place as wide variety of fishes can be found out there. Hence, this place proves to be a pure hanging out place and enjoy picnic with their groups.

Since this place is quite far off from the city area, everyone who is planning a trip in this area should have to take all the necessary things along with them. The necessary things may include food items, water bottle, camping tent, mats, sheets etc. All these things are necessary for the people who are planning a trip to the Yamuna Bridge Trek. It is a must visit place for the people who want to do the trekking on the hilly terrains.

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